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Combatting the cold with ten delicious winter drinks

It would be just too easy to tell you to warm up your cold winter days with a simple hot tea or homemade hot chocolate. Obviously, these are practical and perfect solutions for this occasion, but in this article we want to talk to you about other winter drinks. In fact, we have carefully selected ten delicious and interesting suggestions based on tea, coffee and chocolate to bring you some alternative comforting winter drinks. Are you ready? Grab a pen and paper, and don’t forget to bring your desire to explore new flavors!

Winter drinks, ten suggestions to try out

Let’s start with a great classic based on coffee and chocolate that everyone from Piedmont will be familiar with: we are taking about the typical Bicerin, invented in 1764 in Turin, an excellent mix of chocolate, coffee and foamed milk. The original version of this drink can be enjoyed at the Antico Caffè Bicerin, where the original recipe is jealously guarded, but you can also find it in many other bars in the area.
If we travel just a few more kilometers, we can sample the valdostana coffee . This recipe came about precisely as a way to handle the harsh winters in the mountains and mixes coffee with a liqueur, perfect for warming up when the temperatures are particularly extreme.
On all the ski slopes of Italy, though, the hot drink par excellence is the bombardino. Did you know that the recipe for this drink was first invented in 1972 in a chalet in Sondrio? That is where this little bomb of coffee, cream, warm eggnog, and brandy originated. It is certainly not what you could call a light drink, but perfect for recovering all the energy used during a morning’s skiing!

From Scandinavia to Austria, the winter drinks to try out when traveling

To discover some more typical winter drinks, we head north to look for ideas among the traditions of some northern European countries. In Norway, for example, they drink Karsk. This is basically a boiling hot coffee with a dash of local liqueur and, according to the tradition, served with a coin at the bottom of the glass to “measure” the doses of the ingredients.
Of Scandinavian origin, although now also popular in the United States, particularly in the Midwest, is the Scandinavian Egg Coffee. Yes, you heard right, this is a recipe which combines coffee and egg. In fact it is prepared by adding a whole egg – sometimes with the shell still on! – to a shot of espresso. This combination is then boiled for a few minutes, must be left to rest and above all, be filtered before being consumed.
Coming back to a delicious traditional recipe, perfect for winter, with the Viennese coffee, a real gluttonous drink which warms the heart and the stomach. It is prepared with coffee, cream and cocoa powder and is accompanied by a butter biscuit. An explosion of sweetness, perfect for the darkest winter days.

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Oriental teas for refined palates

And finally, we can’t possibly talk about comforting winter drinks without mentioning the famous or not so famous teas which are good for the mind and the body. Most of these are originally oriental, but can now also often be found in Italy. This is the case with our first variety, white tea: highly beneficial for the heart and good in combatting aging.
Very delicate and now also very popular is the Bancha Tea, or rather what is considered in the Orient the “ordinary” variety of green tea, which has a low theine content and possesses considerable purifying properties. Indeed, it has a strong diuretic effect, but not not only that: it is also rich in calcium, iron and vitamin A.
Considered highly refined, on the other hand, is the Gyokuro, a green tea also known as “jade dew”. Also here we are talking about a green tea which is made by picking, strictly by hand, the shoots of the tea plants and the very youngest leaves. It is precisely for this reason that it is considered a particularly precious tea and owes its name to its characteristic dewy color.
We round off our advice on warming winter drinks to try out with one that has already become a classic: the Matcha Latte. We are now used to seeing cappuccinos of every color and variety possible, but this green one was the first to become a real trend in the U.S. and Europe, even though Matcha is originally Oriental. Tasty, colorful and nutritious, there are now many people who can’t do without it!

What are your favorite winter drinks?

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