come utilizzare il caffè avanzato

How to use leftover coffee: anti-waste ideas

We have already talked about how to re-use coffee grounds: the residues from the mocha are in fact very useful for cleaning saucepans and frying pans, but also for body care treatments. It can often happen though, that the drink itself is not always finished off, so in this case, how can we use the leftover coffee?
Today we would like to give you some suggestions for storing it correctly and not wasting it, using it in preparations such as desserts and liqueurs, or for cleaning the kitchen hob.

How to store leftover coffee

Have you prepared your coffee using the mocha and find you have some left over? If you want to re-use it, you should remove it from the coffee-maker after it has cooled and transfer it to a glass container; those made of metal or plastic are not ideal as they could affect the flavor. Obviously the best way to enjoy the flavor of this drink to the full, is to consume it when it is freshly made, since the organoleptic properties diminish over time due to oxidization. However, the coffee can be kept in the fridge for 2 or 3 days maximum, well closed in a glass bottle. Furthermore, it is possible to freeze it, as you will see from the following suggestions.

Using leftover coffee: ideas for delicious desserts

We could quote at least a hundred recipes which use coffee as one of its ingredients, from tiramisù to panna cotta, from coffee tart to ice-cream. There’s something for every coffee lover! The good, actually, excellent news is that when you realize that you have some coffee left over, you don’t have to throw it away, but use it as an opportunity to prepare a dessert and pamper yourself a little with a sweet break or something original for the end of a meal.
Another idea? If you have a couple of shots of espresso left over, making coffee biscuits is the perfect solution: using shortcrust pastry, chocolate cantucci, with butter or without eggs, we recommend trying these 4 recipes. If you have even more leftover coffee to be used up (3-4 shots) you could also prepare a cheesecake, that great classic that we never tire of right down to the last crumb. And finally here are four variations of coffee cake , including a non-bake version.

Ice cubes with leftover coffee

As we mentioned before, you can keep the coffee you haven’t used in the freezer. One useful idea is to prepare ice-cubes with it, using suitable ice-trays, which can then be used to freshen and flavor vegan milk alternatives like oat milk or almond milk, but also cows milk, or coffee liqueur, which we will be talking about shortly. Have you ever tried it?

Using leftover coffee for preparing liqueurs

utilizzare il caffè avanzato per preparare liquori in casa

If you, too, love preparing liqueurs at home, to be enjoyed with friends or to give as presents to your nearest and dearest, you can do this by making the most of your leftover coffee. You will need more than you would normally use for making a dessert, but you can always prepare some extra coffee to add in: here you will find 3 recipes to get excited about, one for a classic liqueur, one coffee with chocolate and a coffee cream. Which is your favorite?

Fresh pasta with coffee

Have you ever tried fresh pasta with coffee? There are many different recipes for this, some including coffee powder, others the prepared drink. In our article you will find both: if, instead of the mocha, you use an espresso machine and you have leftover coffee, you could for example try your hand at preparing fettuccine to be served with zucchini and shrimps (or other ingredients which go well with coffee). An idea to be tried out, don’t you think?

Using leftover coffee for cleaning

Coffee grounds are perfect as compost and for keeping certain insects at bay, but even leftover coffee has some practical uses. Indeed this drink has highly effective abrasive and detergent qualities, and is less aggressive than some chemical detergents, which with extensive use may damage more delicate surfaces. Use your leftover coffee to remove the encrusted dirt on your hob, for example: after a few minutes, using a clean cloth, you can easily remove the stubborn dirt.

Do you have any other suggestions for how to use leftover coffee? Tell us about it in the comments

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