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Relaxing and soothing, here are all the benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the best-loved officinal plants: in fact, it is estimated that more than a million cups of this drink are consumed throughout the world every day. This is also by virtue of the calming and relaxing properties attributed to it. The good news is that many of the benefits of chamomile have also been scientifically proven. Let’s get to know them better and find even more reasons why we should take time to enjoy this warm embrace which is good for mind and body!

The benefits of Chamomile

The sedative and calming properties of Chamomile are well-known. Consumed mostly in the form of a herbal tea or infusion, it can actually contribute to overall relaxation and improvement in sleep quality. The presence of flavonoids, important plant pigments, mean that chamomile is also an excellent muscle relaxant. This is why it is also extremely useful in relieving intestinal cramps, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, muscle spasms, menstrual pains, nervous tension and stress.

There is one study in particular that highlights the benefits associated with Camomile in reducing menstrual pains. Published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, it outlines how, in the subjects involved in the experiment, a reduction in muscle spasms was noted and an overall improvement in health conditions.

Chamomile is also effective as a natural anti-inflammatory by virtue of the components of its essential oils (azulene and alpha-bisabolol). This is why people suffering from ulcers, gastritis, oral cavity irritations, gingivitis and urogenital inflammations may gain some benefits from a cup of camomile, or an infusion which contains it, such as those offered by Filicori Zecchini.

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Another study published in 2014 in the specialist magazine Med Hypothesis, put forward the hypothesis that camomile oil may be particularly effective in combatting the symptoms of migraine. A further research study published in Nutrition theorized that drinking three cups of camomile a day could improve the levels of glucose in the blood. This is highly valuable information especially for anyone suffering from type two diabetes: indeed the researchers conclude by estimating that consumption of camomile may even be a preventive factor for this pathology.

Why are chamomile compresses beneficial?

The beneficial properties of chamomile compresses are also well-known. This is because it is a soothing officinal herb which acts both inside and outside the body: indeed chamomile compresses, have proven to be very effective in treating dermatitis.
Furthermore, they also demonstrate a very soothing effect in the case of inflamed and tired eyes. Indeed, there is an old wive’s remedy which consists of placing used chamomile teabags (once they have cooled) onto closed eyes, leaving them there for around ten minutes.
Chamomile is particularly recommended for people who suffer from skin redness and blotchiness, and who have a particularly delicate skin type.

Is it true that it is a good idea to drink Camomile in the evening?

Therefore we can say that chamomile is a precious cure-all substance for everyone, and many people are convinced that Chamomile is even more effective if drunk in the evening. Is that really so? Naturally, the fact that it aids sleep means that it should ideally be drunk in the evening, all the time taking care not to let the infusion brew for too long.

It is important to follow the preparation instructions provided by the producer so as not to negate the effects.
That said, consuming Chamomile in the evening is not considered any better than consuming it at other times of the day. As a herbal tea or infusion, it can be served in the morning or the afternoon or at any time deemed suitable.
Another quality of Camomile is that it has no apparent side effects. A very good reason why it is a good idea to always keep a good supply at home.
Did you know about all the properties of Camomile?

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